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Don't Drive in the Slough!

Winter is here, and with it comes the Washington weather that always keeps us two truck operators in Mount Vernon and throughout the Valley very busy. Driving conditions are constantly changing and can be very difficult at times, even for our experienced tow truck operators. January hasn’t brought us much snow but we have had plenty of fog! It’s hard to tell which is worse! All this fog has made for some tricky driving and even more tricky tows!

mount vernon towingmount vernon tow

Recently we were called out to Bayview to pull a car out of the slough. The car’s driver had been slowly making her way through the foggy roads early one morning when she was distracted for only an instant and drove right off the road into the freezing cold slough. Thankfully a friendly stranger happened to see her drive off the road and was able call the police, who then called us. The driver escaped the car, a bit wet but unharmed, before it fully submerged. Unfortunately for Eric, our tow truck operator, the car was completely under water by the time he arrived on the scene. So he started his day with a bit of a swim. After some strategic looping of tow straps through the front windows of the car, Eric was able to pull it to shore and tow it back to Mount Vernon Towing for retrieval by the owner.